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Towerify is our control tower. It eases the packaging, deployment and reuse of apps and services in on-premise settings. Register your app and watch Towerify keep everything up to date and healthy!


In today's digital age, our Docker-based templates provide unmatched flexibility. Quickly package and deploy scalable, identity-aware applications. Boost your deployment processes through our advanced containerization.


Deploy Towerify on any baremetal server, in-house or off-site, for peak performance. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless deployments. Experience power and simplicity with Towerify.


In the digital age, Towerify delivers peak performance. Monitor apps and APIs seamlessly, ensure best user experiences, and simplify server updates. Towerify is more than a tool; it's your partner in excellence.



In a rapidly evolving digital world, our advanced Docker-based templates offer businesses the flexibility and efficiency they need. Easily package and distribute identity-aware applications, ensuring they're scalable and market-ready. Embrace containerization and enhance your deployment with us.



Deploy on any bare metal server, whether in-house or at client sites, and benefit from unmatched performance. Its intuitive interface makes application deployments and updates both effortless and efficient. Choose Towerify for the perfect blend of power and ease.



In the digital age, Towerify is your key to optimal performance. Effortlessly monitor your deployed apps and APIs, ensuring top-tier user experiences. Beyond just monitoring, Towerify simplifies server updates, guaranteeing a secure and high-performing environment. It's more than a tool; it's your ally in ensuring operational excellence.

Key Benefits

Why choose us?

Our approach: it's high time we rediscover and leverage the raw power of bare metal servers, making them not just relevant again but pivotal in the modern tech ecosystem.What this means for you? In a cloud-centric era, bare metal servers offer unparalleled performance, tapping into the full power of modern hardware without virtualization overhead.


390€ per lifetime license

You provide the hardware, we provide the software.

  • Lifetime license (own forever)

  • 12 months of free upgrades

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited pre-packaged apps installs

  • Package your own apps

Managed Servers

Starts at 100€ / month

We host your servers in our French datacenters and fully-manage the software. Contact us for hardware specification.

  • Rolling upgrades

  • Dedicated hardware

  • Elastic infrastructure

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited pre-packaged apps installs

  • Package your own apps

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